About Lighthouse Youth Theatre

In 2006, Lighthouse Youth Theatre was founded by John and Nannette Fanelli. Through the power of educational theatre, John and Nannette hoped to make a positive impact on the lives of school-aged children throughout Westchester County. Now, after more than ten years, Lighthouse Youth Theatre has touched the lives of thousands of students– not only by offering them a creative outlet, but by building a community where young people can thrive. From the very beginning, the focus of LYT has been to foster confidence, build communication skills, inspire empathy, and encourage focus – all through the use of theatre as an educational tool. Making “stars” was never the goal.

Today, LYT’s home is a state of the art facility called Standing Ovation Studios in Armonk, New York. With caring and experienced instructors, a dynamic arts curriculum, and a wide variety of production opportunities, LYT is the perfect place for young people to discover and develop their skills. Training is offered at every level, from beginners in kindergarten to high school students hoping to pursue musical theatre in college and beyond. Former students have been accepted to the country’s most prestigious university programs as both musical theatre and acting majors. Whether theatre is a lifelong passion or a casual interest, LYT has something special to offer everyone.

Our mission at LYT is to provide the highest quality arts education to the youth of Westchester County and beyond for the purposes of improving self-esteem, building self-confidence, and empowering well-rounded, empathetic, and expressive individuals.John Fanelli

Amazing instructors and great facility!
-Anthony Loffredo