Gigi Keeffe Schwartzman
Resident Vocal Coach

Gigi has performed with many celebrated Singers, Conductors and Composers on many legendary Stages. After years in Classical Music she crossed over to MT, Pop & Rock. This Multi-Award Winning Singer is currently immersed in advanced studies in the field of Holistic Vocology placing her on the cutting edge of all the latest studies and techniques. She has worked with a vast array of teachers and coaches most notably Broadway Vocal Gurus & Speech Pathologists Tom Burke & Joan Lader, Voice Teacher/Feldenkrais Instructor Robert Sussuma and Opera Singers Irene Gubrud, Pamela Kucenic-Motisi, & MT Specialist Marianne Challis. She presently teaches in Scarsdale, Armonk & Katonah, NY and is Resident Vocal Coach at Standing Ovation Studios, Lighthouse Youth Theatre. Gigi works with children and adults from beginners to professionals. She works in 3 very specific ways further discussed on her website.GVT: Gorilla Vocal Tactics, was designed for “Quick Fix for Master Mix” for audition prep, fast performance issues. Gigi’s highly successful work with teens through the difficult times of voice changes has received much recognition. Her ability to connect with kids and develop an amazing rapport is unparalleled.

Amazing instructors and great facility!
-Anthony Loffredo