Acting Fundamentals
Ages 8 – 13

Starting ground. This is the first level of our acting courses, where students will learn and discover the foundation of acting principles and techniques. Students will learn acting basics: objectives, tactics, obstacles, beats, text analysis, awareness and focus. They will study scenes and monologues, and learn the tools for creating precise, focused, relaxed and playful relationships on stage.

Advanced Acting
Ages 13-18

Romeo & Juliet Prep: Acting Shakespeare. This class is hands-on approach to the works of William Shakespeare.Students will gain fundamental skills that will help them analyze text, create believable characters and craft a performance. While this class directly deals with Shakespearean text, the techniques are applicable to a wide range of material, including musical theater. This class is highly suggested for all students who wish to participate in LYT’s Teen Winter Drama production of Romeo and Juliet. All students ages 13-18 are welcome to enroll.

The Physical Actor II
Ages 13-18

This class takes a specialized, physical approach to understanding the life of a character. Students will develop skills in styles such as Viewpoints, Laban Efforts, Grotowski’s ‘Art as Vehicle’, LuCoq’s ‘Levels of Tension’, and Commedia dell’Arte. In addition to scripted scenes, students will get the chance to develop their own characters in rehearsed, improvised scenes.

Movement for Actors I
Ages 8-13

This class is intended for actors who are searching for ways to explore the physical creation of a character. This class will require students to think and work creatively, collaboratively, and compassionately. Scenes from Classical and Contemporary plays, as well as the Renaissance-era Commedia dell’Arte, will give students a chance to build a multitude of different characters. In-class improvisation will allow each actor the creative freedom to test the limits of their physical imaginations.

Acting II
Ages 13-18

This class is the second level of our acting courses. Here students hone such skills as concentration, body awareness, emotional freedom, emotional connection, self-­awareness, self­-confidence, commitment, character physicalization, and storytelling. Students will demonstrate and apply their understanding of the acting process through performances of scenes and monologues.

Musical Theatre Technique

This class will take students through the entire musical theatre process, from pre-audition preparation straight through to opening night. Each student will choose a musical in which they will prepare an audition for, go through the audition process, experience a what callbacks are all about, then prepare a song from the show as if they were cast. This class will address the do’s and don’ts of auditions and callbacks, show research, character analysis, and proper show preparation. Students will leave this class with their very own resume, two audition songs, and a knowledge of what it takes to be a musical theatre performer in the “real world”.

Ages 8-18

Improvisation is the practice of talking, creating, solving and reacting in the moment. It is used in comedy to drama, from non-scripted scenes to full-length plays. The skills of improvisation can apply to many different abilities or forms of communication and expression across all artistic bounds. In this fun filled class, students will explore the many dimensions of improv, freeing themselves from inhibitions while at the same time learning the structure that is required.

Broadway Styles/Vocal Techniques

Today’s Musical Theatre singer has to be able to do it all and know how to “Shift those Gears” into different styles. This class will be a fun exploration into the many, many different singing styles needed in performing the numerous genres of Broadway Shows scanning the ages. We’ll have a different show/style each week using a popular song from the show and all have fun experimenting with the techniques. Through the course of the program we will cover vocals from Golden Age Belt, B’way Legit, Modern Mix, through Rock Musicals (Gigi worked in Master Classes with Sheri Sanders – the Rock the Audition Queen) including mic work. We’ll work in random order having fun and playing around with all the various styles.

Fun with Shakespeare
Ages 8-13

This class is an introduction to classical acting that is specifically designed to engage kids. Classical acting is an integral part of Performing Arts Education. Here is a quote from the legendary acting teacher Stella Adler that says it all.

“Central to my technique…is the actor’s understanding of the epic size of theater – in the body, in the voice, in the mind, and in the soul – an understanding that Shakespeare forces actors to embrace their whole selves” – Stella Adler

They will learn a physical approach to acting that will open them up to new discoveries while learning about the most famous playwright who ever lived.

*Please note: Classes DO NOT conclude in any type of performance or recital. They are for educational purposes only, for technique and learning the craft!! Not all classes described are offered every semester. Please refer to the class schedule for classes offered.

Amazing instructors and great facility!
-Anthony Loffredo