Broadway Styles/Vocal Techniques

Today’s Musical Theatre singer has to be able to do it all and know how to “Shift those Gears” into different styles. This class will be a fun exploration into the many, many different singing styles needed in performing the numerous genres of Broadway Shows scanning the ages. We’ll have a different show/style each week using a popular song from the show and all have fun experimenting with the techniques. Through the course of the program we will cover vocals from Golden Age Belt, B’way Legit, Modern Mix, through Rock Musicals (Gigi worked in Master Classes with Sheri Sanders – the Rock the Audition Queen) including mic work. We’ll work in random order having fun and playing around with all the various styles.

*Please note: Classes do NOT conclude in any type of performance or recital. They are for educational purposes only, for technique and learning the craft!!

Meet the Instructor

Gigi Keeffe Schwartzman

Gigi has performed with many celebrated Singers, Conductors and Composers on many legendary Stages. After years in Classical Music she crossed over to MT, Pop & Rock.
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