DRAMABEE Pre-School Program

Bringing Broadway to YOUR Pre-School!


It has been proven that kids who are involved in the arts, do better in school, have more creativity, imagination and self confidence. Our educational theatre program, DRAMABEE, is a great way to introduce your child to theatre and the dramatic arts right in their own school.

During the 10 week DRAMABEE enrichment session, each student will be engaged in theatre activities (dancing, singing, acting) that will:

  • Help develop speaking skills
  • Build confidence
  • Enhance early social skills
  • Foster creative learning.

The end of the 10 week DRAMABEE session culminates in a live performance in front of parents and family members.

Our DRAMABEE Instructors make sure all students feel comfortable and recognized so they will stretch and grow in a very positive environment. DRAMABEE instructors are industry professionals trained in our proven educational methods based on a play-based philosophy to learning.

DRAMABEE is also available as Kindergarten Enrichment. Contact us to schedule DRAMABEE enrichment in your Pre-School or Kindergarten class.

The Training

Our instructors come to YOUR school teaching Pre-School aged children to act, sing and dance in a musical that was or is on Broadway.

The Learning

Your kids will be amazed at how much fun they have when they discover their hidden talents!

The Show

They will put on a show for their friends and family members and make memories for a lifetime.