Advanced Dance
By Approval Only

Advanced Dance builds upon previously learned technique to create a fast paced environment that incorporates various styles of dance. The class begins with a 20-30 minute warm up, focusing on stretching the student’s hips and hamstrings. The class continues with across the floor exercises and finishes with an advanced dance combination that will challenge the students. Students will gain the most out of this class if attended every week, in order to build upon their technique and abilities taught and discovered in previously weeks.

Lyrical Dance
Ages 8-18

A dance style fusion of ballet, modern and jazz dance techniques. It is commonly set to popular music with vocals. The name lyrical comes from the word “lyrics” because dancers use the lyrics of a song to inspire them to do certain movements or show expression.The goal of a lyrical dancer is to use gesture, facial expression, and controlled movements in order to execute their movements and emotions fully. Besides emotional connection to music, lyrical dance typically encourages use of articulation, line, weight, and movement qualities. Due to its demand for intermediate to advanced technical skill and emotional focus, it is popular primarily with teenage dancers.

*Hair should be pulled back and out of the face.  Appropriate dance attire is required.  You may attend this class with ballet slippers or barefoot.

Broadway Dance
Ages 8-13

A high energy class focused on finding character intent while exploring various dance styles of Broadway. Weekly themes will rotate, covering musicals both classic and contemporary.

Class begins with a structured warm up geared towards building core strength, flexibility and balance. Combinations focus on character and storytelling through athletic and dynamic movement. Performance quality and individual expression are valued as equally as technique.

* Hair should be pulled back and out of the face. Appropriate dance attire and jazz shoes/ sneakers are required.

Tap Dance
Ages 12-18

Stamina, precision and rhythm are essential in this percussive class. Students will learn the fundamentals of theater tap with an emphasis on expression and style. Recommended for those with prior knowledge of basic tap or those with advanced skills. Students will be challenged at their individual level. Advanced modification will be given to some and basic simplifications to others.

*Hair should be pulled back and out of the face. Appropriate dance attire and jazz shoes/ sneakers are required.

Hip Hop Dance
Ages 10-18

This class consists of your basic Hop Hop elements: Popping, Breaking, Locking, House and 80’s and 90’s Party Dances. You are taught the proper technique so you can execute Hip-Hop choreography with true expression, as well as learning to freestyle these elements on your own. The class encourages students to shed their inhibitions, express themselves and to exercise the biggest challenge of all: TO HAVE FUN.

*Hair should be pulled back and out of face. Loose attire you can move freely in, athletic sneakers should be worn. Please no sneakers with black soles, as they can leave marks on the floor.

Boys Only Dance
Ages 8-13

This musical theatre dance class covers all genres and allows male students to learn in an environment they truly feel comfortable in. Next time they are on stage they will want to be front and centre strutting thri stuff!

*Appropriate dance attire and jazz shoes/ sneakers are required.

*Please note: Classes DO NOT conclude in any type of performance or recital. They are for educational purposes only, for technique and learning the craft!! Not all classes described are offered every semester. Please refer to the class schedule for classes offered.

Amazing instructors and great facility!
-Anthony Loffredo